Teacher Induction: Supporting the supporters of novice teachers in Europe (TISSNTE) Teacher Induction: Supporting the supporters of novice teachers in Europe (TISSNTE)

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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In this project we aim to facilitate cross European debate and action through the practical engagement of teachers in their schools and classrooms with a focus on one particular target group, those who induct and support a novice teacher into the life of the school and teaching profession. Although pockets of 'good practice' can be identified, much remains to be disseminated, evaluated and developed in an international forum designed to stimulate exchange between teachers and teacher educators and add to the policy debate.

Review and Analysis:

  • gathering information on current relevant materials/literature search etc. to establish a framework and criteria in relation to mentors needs
  • developing tools for the analysis of needs: design questionnaire/interview schedule etc.
  • piloting use of this tool
  • data collection
  • analysis of data
  • refining framework
  • publishing/disseminating interim findings report
  • construction of a web site.

Development and Implementation:

  • development of material for the suitcase of skills
  • national piloting of materials produced in the countries involved in this project
  • evaluation of the pilots and redirection of the materials as a result of the evaluation
  • national target groups pilot refined materials; adaptation follows
  • international 5 day intensive pilot course (IPC).

Evaluation; Revision; Dissemination:

  • evaluation of IPC
  • adaptation and production of a European framework for the mentoring of novice teachers
  • production of final suitcase
  • user guide
  • collate final report from self and participant evaluations
  • translate report
  • disseminate findings
  • formative evaluation, dissemination and reports will be on-going throughout the length of the project.

1 Description the outputs of the project.

As per the work plan and as specified in 4.1; particularly:

Measurement tool for Mentors' needs; (EN;BG;FR;GR;PT;LT;LV;HU;SK) Questionnaire and semi-structured interview format developed, piloted, adapted and refined in year 1 of project. Co-ordinated by head of evaluation and research team all partners will have responsibility for piloting. The results of the needs analysis will form the basis for the types of materials to be included in the suitcase.

Suitcase of support: User manual (EN;BG;FR;GR;PT;LT;LV;HU;SK) Materials covering all forms of presentation. All participants will be involved in producing materials. They will be responsible for the content, evaluation and where necessary translation of that draft material, the gathering of data to support production and research/adaptations of drafts. This will be drafted, piloted and refined in years 2 and 3 of the project.

Website: (EN initially and for administration; translations in other languages as they become available; BG;FR;GR;PT;LT;LV;HU;SK). Web with links to results, data-base of resources; materials produced; Mentor networks; other relevant documents/research; developing over whole period of project. Specific partners with responsibility for design/oversight/maintenance including adapting materials in other formats for electronic use. Designated co-ordinates will be responsible for the delivery of their group materials to webmaster.

2 Activities in the intensive course will include: a suitcase of material and activities using written, pictorial, auditory, creative, problem-solving approaches to challenge and support the reflection, enquiry and attitudes of mentors of novice teachers to their role. This will all be translated into electronic format and available in English, French and the minority languages as appropriate. (EN;FR;GR;PT;LT;LV;HU;SK;TR). The course will last for 5 days targeting supporters of novice teachers. The pilot for 40-50 participants is planned for October 2008. The course would be offered through the Comenius catalogue after the revision of the course post autumn 2009.


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