Teacher Induction: Supporting the supporters of novice teachers in Europe (TISSNTE) Teacher Induction: Supporting the supporters of novice teachers in Europe (TISSNTE)

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

The contents of the suitcase will be generated by the inter-action of all partners working in these groups

Work team: ICT - more information
Main tasks: Creating and maintaining the WEB-site of the project. Creating and maintaining the Software platform for eLearning. Creating, adapting and publishing of the eContents for the supporters of the novice teachers.

Work team: Needs analysis - more information
Main tasks: Collating a data base of current practice; creating and piloting tools for the analysis of needs, including questionnaires and interview schedules; establishing a framework and criteria for mentors needs; analysing data and disseminating findings.

Work team: Suitcase of Support Frameworks - more infromation
Main tasks: Overseeing production of criteria and frameworks.

Work team: Evaluation Research and Publication - more information
Main tasks: Designing research tools; analysis of data; evaluating materials; monitoring progress; refining criteria; disseminating and publishing findings; co-ordinating seminar and conference presentations and articles for publishing.

Work team: Mentoring Component - more information
Main tasks: Collating Data base of existing mentoring practices; Developing the mentoring aspects of the suitcase materials.

Work team: Self- evaluation - more information
Main tasks: Creating procedures; monitoring and evaluating the process and outcomes of the project.

Work team: Internal translations - more information
Main tasks: Translating materials to and from community languages.

Work team: Co-ordination of Piloting of needs analysis and materials for suitcase - more information
Main tasks: Planning Pilots, distributing/collecting research tools/materials and analysis of findings.

Work team: Targeting Policy Makers - more information
Main tasks: Informing and influencing policy makers through dissemination.

Work team: Regional Dissemination - more information
Main tasks: Disseminating work, progress and findings throughout and beyond the lifetime of the project by a variety of methods.

Work team: Review team - more information
Main tasks: Reviewing and adapting progress of work, materials, suitcase contents and evaluations.

Work team: Meetings - more information
Main tasks: Facilitating meetings.

Work team: 5 day Intensive Course - more information
Main tasks: -

Work team: Individual specialist expertise - more information
Main tasks: Giving advice, assistance and input on specialist area across all aspects of the preparation, delivery, evaluation and dissemination of the work of TISSNTE according to the requirements of the contract.


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